Zerda egg

The Zerda (pronounded "Zer-duh") was the fifth species to be released, just after the Iuridon. Together with the Aurae, they are one of the two long-haired species. Zerda are about 30-40lbs and small to medium dog-sized, though their fur makes them look bigger than they are. Their wings are too small for true powered flight, but they do glide.

Zerda Eggs currently cost 2 Orbs in the Egg shop, with limited stock.

Breeding and DominanceEdit

On the dominance chart they are the third most common breed, after Aquus and Felidae. They have a gestation period of 12 days, the second longest of all species. Considering their place on the dominance chart, this is highly unusual. Most species have a gestation period that matches their dominance (the more common, the lower the gestation period).

The Zerda is a common breed, making them available in the lab changer and transformation potions.

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