Lab Potions

Potions are items that will help you breed your feli or help you in other cool ways. Potions are craftable items which means you can make them useing other items you find around the site, but you can now also buy them from the new shop The Candyshop.

List of potions:

  • Aging Potion - Will age your active feli to it's next life stage
  • Aphrodisiac Potion - Will set your active felis Like Stat to 100 towards another feli
  • Breeding Potion - Instant pregnancy
  • Love Potion - Will make two feli fall in love, setting their Like Stat to 100 toward each other
  • Revival Elixir - Will revive permafrozen feli
  • Transformation Potion - Will change you active feli into a different species
  • Vitality Elixir - Will set your active feli back to the beginning of adulthood
  • Coat Bleach - Will make your active feli's coat white.
  • Coat stain - Will make your active feli's coat black.
  • Switching potion - Switches the layer of a marking.
  • Antipathy potion - Makes your active feli -15 to another feli.

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