Ocirin Egg

Shortly after Felisfire opened, nine eggs were released (all 9 original eggs with their original art can be found in eggdoku) that were supposed to represent the nine feline breeds that Felisfire would have in the future. These plans were later delayed, changed, etc., but in the early days all these eggs were real items that had a name, if not for sheer practicality.

A yellow egg showing scales with a pink ribbon wrapped around it was dubbed the "Ocirin" egg. It was supposed to have a gestation period of 10 days, being the second-to-rarest breed after the Xano. The idea was of a scaley, scubby dragon somewhat similar to the currently existing Scalae. However, new information reveals that the Ocirin will now be a common species equivalent to that of the Aurae as the Leos has been confirmed as being rare. The ocirin will remain a dragon-like creature, but it will also be somewhat more elegant along with a few unique anatomical additions (such as "hand" wings and special scales on its face that will match its eye color). 

Of the two original eggs that still have no existing breed, the Ocirin is the one that has been most alluded to over the years as a potential new breed.

There is currently no release date for the ocirin, however, a finalized sketch has been completed for it and is awaiting commissioning by the site's species artist.

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