A lycreon with dun, badger, and celestial


The Lycreon (pronounded "Lie-cree-on") is Felisfire's ninth species. The species resembles a bat. It was released to the public on August 13, 2013. The first eggs were given out in the advent calendar on Knifesmile's (then Head Admin) birthday.

The Lycreon egg is currently sold in the egg shop for 8 Orbs in unlimited stock.

It is the only species with bat-like wings. It has a short tail, five clawed toes on the forefeet and four on the hind feet. Fangs protrude from its mouth and its eyebrows consist of two short spikes. It has relatively large, long ears.

Lyrceon are barely smaller than Iuridons, and are the second largest species. They are said to have evolved from Iuridons. They have a thinner build than Iuridons, and are built as predators. Rather than fly, they glide silently. Lycreon are capable of using echolocation, using it to locate/ identify objects, and for navigation, as they have poor eyesight. They are mostly nocturnal, but they are capable of adjusting their sleeping pattern if needed, such as when they are on long hunting trips.

Breeding and dominanceEdit

The Lycreon is the third rarest species, dominant only to Iuridon and Xano. It has a gestation of 10 days.

They are considered a rare species, which means that they are not available in the lab changer or transformation potions.


Just like the Scalae, the Lycreon was in development for nearly a year between the first news post of its concept art and its eventual release. 


Original Concept Art of the Lycreon (then unnamed) species

The original concept art (dubbed spikeyface-cat at the time) resembles the eventual species quite closely, though most of its spikes were removed. The switch from bird wings (in the concept art) to bat wings had already been decided on before artwork on the species started.

Two different artists worked on the Lycreon. Nunun, the first, changed the pose of the Lycreon to have it flying in the air, similar to the original felidae art before its redraw. This pose was later reverted to its original sideways view on a standing Lycreon by Pepokish, who drew the eventual species.


October 2012 Sketch of Lycreon by Nunun

The Lycreon's name was chosen through a contest shortly after the species was originally announced. Lycreon won with a majority of 131 votes. Other popular suggestions were Kylios (81), Sabrae (73), Yaegyr (67) and Ormynx (65).   
Lycreonfirstdraft zps01782fc4

Lycreon concept art, by Pepo.