The Igneo (pronounded "ig-neo") is the 7th species to be released on Felisfire. The species resembles a phoenix and was released on August 31st, 2011. 

The species has a unique mane-like flame that runs from the top of its head to the tip of its tail. The Marking Accents was created shortly after the breed's release, to make it possible for the Igneo's flame to be colored differently from its base. This was a popular request by users. The Igneo is rather lion-esque, walking on its toes with 5 digits on both fore and hind feet and sharp claws, as well as having round ears, a long, thin tail and a deep chest. It has a corresponding somewhat crouching pose. Igneii are large, powerful animals, roughly the size of a Siberian tiger. They are lighter than they look, however, and are capable but not amazing fliers.

The Igneo Egg is currently sold in the Egg Shop for 5 Orbs, stocking in limited quantity.

Breeding & DominanceEdit


Igneo Egg

The Igneo is fourth rarest species on the the dominance chart. They have a gestation period of 8 days.

The Igneo is the most common of the rare species and so can be found in yoo-voo's, but is not available in the lab changer or transformation potions.


The Igneo was introduced with a lot of hiccups, mostly alignment and proportion-related bugs. After the Igneo was released, feli images on the site were resized so that the portholes where your active feli can be seen were bugged; feli born or having their image updated after the release of the Igneo could not be seen in the porthole due to misalignment. Additionally, many of the markings on the Igneo were misaligned, including the Accent marking specifically created for the breed.