There are a total of five areas that one can explore and hunt in with their active feli.

Each area has its own set of Collection items that one can get while gathering in the area and add to their collections for the ultimate goal of getting a Xano egg.

Not only can one gather in each area, but they can hunt with their active feli, or both of their active feli, bringing back meat for their coffer or their clan's coffer, depending on who they have as their leftmost active feli.

After hunting and/or gathering, your Feli may come across a feral Felidae. It will give you two (2) actions to choose from. 1) Approach. 2) Avoid. If you're lucky, your Feli will knock the other down, giving you the opportunity to catch the feral Feli. If not, the wild cat will stare at your Feli and walk away. There will also be a rare chance for the wild feli to impregnate your feli if it is female, adult, and not pregnant already. Remember, feral Felis are hard to come by. You may catch them or they escape. Just be the lucky one in this case.