The Aquus (pronounded "Awk-wus") is the third species added to Felisfire. It was introduced in early 2011, the first new species after the 'original' two of the alpha phase, the Felidae and Xano. It is species #3 in the demo feature. The Aquus is one of the three wingless species on the planet, along with the Xano and Scalae, and therefore cannot fly. It is generally considered to be the fastest swimmer. Aquii range a lot in size; they are born weighing roughly 10-20lbs but grow their entire lives the way fish and reptiles do. An average adult is about the size of a sheep or goat. Very old individuals may mass as much as a large Earth cougar.


A current Aquus sporting the "Classic Tabby" marking.

Just like the Scalae, the Aquus has scales, though they are softer than those of the former breed. Its fins run down from its head to its tail, with additional fins on the sides of its face and elbows. It also sports whiskers much like a catfish. Colors on an Aquus are generally duller than on other species. Since the Aquus has no wings or feathers, all wing and feather markings show up on its fins.

Aquus Eggs are currently sold in the Egg Shop for 1 Orb or 1000 En, stocking in limited quantity.

Breeding & DominanceEdit

The Aquus is the second most dominant breed, behind the Felidae, the only breed that might be naturally Aquus recessive. It has a gestation period of 5 days, the second shortest of all feli breeds.

Aquus egg

How to Obtain Edit

The Aquus is considered a common breed, and so can be found in the lab changer and transformation potions.

An Aquus can, aside from buying and breeding, be obtained in the following ways:


Old Site Art of the Aquus with Husky, Belly & Feathers


The Aquus was released relatively quickly after its original concept, but the original site art after their release met with a lot of criticism. The breed was unpopular and its art was considered "out of place." On April 1st, 2011, it was decided that the Aquus would be redrawn. The original site art resembles a combination of a horse and a fish and was sometimes referred to as "waterhorse" or "horse kitty". 

The Aquus was the last breed on Felisfire to be redrawn, after the Felidae and the Xano. Consequent propositions to redraw breeds were met with the comment that Felisfire had so many markings and accessories that a redraw would cost as much effort as the creation of a new breed, and so such propositions are no longer considered.

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